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Jacket of a fitting silhouette with the emphasized shape of hips. Its back has relief lines starting from the armhole. Its front has a chest tuck under the collar, a waist tuck with an undercut on the pocket and a relief line starting from the armhole, with false flap pockets and a side pocket in the seam. The fastener line is shifted by 2 rows of buttons. Sleeves are two-seams. The shoulder line is straight high. The jacket collar has a wide lapel. It has lining inside.

Recommended materials: dense and very dense costume fabrics, preferably mixed or 100% wool to create necessary shapes at the steaming process. Loose fabrics are not recommended.

Sewing level: it requires high level of sewing and experience in tailoring jackets and coats is necessary.

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Table 1 – Consumption of materials * (sizes 40-52 (RU), 34-46 (EU), XS-XL)

Height, cm Main fabric consumption with the width of 140 cm with directional print, m Lining consumption with the width of 140 cm, m
158 – 164 2,10 m (size 40, 36 EU, XS)
2,20 m (size 46, 42 EU, M)
2,40 m (size 52, 48 EU, XL)
1,30 – 1,40 m


170 – 176 2,30 m (size 40, 36 EU, XS)
2,40 m (size 46, 42 EU, M)
2,55 m (size 52, 48 EU, XL)
1,40 – 1,50 m

Fabric shrinkage is not taken into account! This are consumption parameters for already decated fabrics. If you have checked fabric, then add 4 more rapports to fit the picture.
Interfacing consumption which is chosen depending on the main fabric characteristics  is 0.9×2.5 m.
Interfacing edge tape consumption is 4 m.
Buttons with the diameter of 22-25 mm 6 pieces, + 1 flat button for facing,
Shoulder pads for set-in sleeve, profile 1.5-2.5 cm.

Threads for sewing and overstitching 4-5 bobbins


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