Size Guide

Measurements in centimeters

If the chest measurement is between two sizes, for example, your chest circumference is 98cm (between 48 and 50 RU sizes), then when choosing a size, focus on the comparative data of your waist and hips circumferences and take the bigger or smaller size. If the difference between your hips and chest is in the range of 4 – 12 cm, then if you sew a shoulder item, it is more convenient to adjust the selected pattern according to chest parameter. It is recommended to choose the pattern belonging to the group of waist items according to hips measurement and adjust it to the waist measurement when sewing in the area of the waist tuckes and side seams.

Measurements in inches

GROUPS OF HEIGHTS in double heights: 158-164 includes heights from 155 cm to 167 cm, 170-176 includes heights from 168 cm to 179 cm. The difference in length in the models is about 6-7 cm at the bottom (long models, trousers) and about 4 cm along the length of the sleeve.

ALL PATTERNS “LaForme” ARE DESIGNED FOR FIGURE OF THE BODY WITH BENDING WITH A LONG FRONT AND SHORT BACK. The difference between LFW (Length front waist) and LBW (Length back waist) in patterns is about 6 cm. If your back is stooped, then you need to make changes to the patterns before cutting the fabric. This needs to be done for the correct balance of the product.


If you are used to counting your size according to the European or other systems, please read the information below.

In the Russian system, the size is just Chest/2. There are also typical body shapes groups. Why not use the European or other systems? Because all brands have different parameters.

For example, the other day I tried on a coat of Balenciaga, which I have been dreaming of for a long time. Size 36 fits me. You think that 36 + 6 = 42 is my Russian size. But my chest is 90 cm! And taking a pattern of size 42, I would be mistaken (also in the size of the hips)! Because my patterns clearly correspond to the SIZES of the second (2) typical body shapes group.

What are typical body shapes groups? This is the difference between Bust (B) and Hips (H).

0 group = H-B=0 cm,

1st group = H-B=4 cm,

2nd group = H-B=8 cm – the most common group of female body shapes!

3rd group = H-B=12 cm etc.,

LaForme patterns are not large or small. Patterns designed the size to size. If the pattern is 44 sizes, it means the chest – 88 cm, the hips – 96 cm. The measurements of the waist are different. The waist depends on the degree of fit of the model and, note, on height! (The higher the height, the longer the torso, internal organs and chest stretch throughout the body, so the waist of tall people is thinner), but most often this also corresponds to the size grid, in the size 44 – about 65-67 cm.

Increase. Most LaForme models have a fitting silhouette, therefore, the increases are minimal. The increase may vary from size to size. We don’t indicate an increase in each model so that you don’t count on their “measurements” when you are choosing a size. This distorts the fit.

Balance values. Now the most relevant and frequent type of figure is the kinky figure. Since women’s forms are in fashion: buttocks and chest. As it is reflected in the design: the length of the back of the LWB is reduced and the length of the front of the LWF increases. Our patterns are precisely on such body shapes.

How to choose the size of a pattern? A measurement of a chest is very important! First, you need to divide your measurement of the chest in half, for example, the chest is 96 cm – the size 48. Next, we compare whether your hips go in 96 + 8 (2nd typical body shapes) = 104 cm. Most often, the pattern on the hips can be corrected without much experience in design. Therefore, this measurement is not the main one. Like the waist measurement, it also changes easily due to tucks.

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