Raincoat 0205


We introduce oversized raincoat jacket, unisex style. The front has patch pockets. The back of a complex cut and has a yoke. The sleeve is designed as a wide raglan with a cuff. The cuff can be tightened with an elastic tape. The hood has two seams and a casing. The collar is a high stand collar. When closed, the collar is like protection from the wind; when unbuttoned, it is a wide turndown collar. The front center is finished a front facing, the bottom of the raincoat is processed facings. The raincoat is designed with a wide neckline and deep armhole, which makes it possible to wear it over jackets and coats.

Difficulty level:  it’s a medium level of sewing. Experience is required.

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Recommended fabrics: raincoats fabrics with coating or without, membrane fabrics with impregnation, vinyl, faux leather, etc.

Table 1 – Fabric consumption * (Russian sizes 40-52, EU 34-50, USA 6-22)

Height, cm/foot Main fabric, width 140 cm, m
Main fabric, cut in one direction Main fabric, cut in a different direction
158 – 164/

5 22– 54

2,70(40/34/6) – 3,10(48/42/14)– 3,30(56/50/22) 2,60(40/34/6) – 3,00(48/42/14)– 3,20(56/50/22)


170 – 176/

57– 59

2,90(40/34/6) – 3,30(48/42/14)– 3,50(56/50/22) 2,70(4034/6) – 3,10(48/42/14)– 3,30(56/50/22)
Elastic tape for a sleeve 25-30mm width – length 50 cm.

Press buttons 15 pcs.

Bias tape for allowances finishing-12-14 m.

Thread bobbins for stitching – 2 pcs.

*- The figures in the table are for the extreme sizes. When you choose materials for the intermediate size, be guided by the average value. An additional consumption of fabrics (for cut accuracy) of not more than 20 cm is already included in the table indicators.


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