Leggings 1101


High waist women leggings with side seams and inseams, slightly widened from top to bottom along a leg. Leggings have a one-piece facing of the belt for an elastic tape 50 mm wide. Optional, leggings can be with patch pockets. In the patterns, there are a pocket detail and its location.

Sewing level: the model is very easy to sew. These leggings may be one of the first garments. We recommend sewing with a chain stitch or overlock machine.

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Recommended fabrics: dense knit fabric type jersey; cotton, woolen, or synthetic composition. The size of the pattern (more or less) may depend on the degree of stretch of the fabric. It is easy to correct leggings to reduce – removing excess along the side seams and inseams.

Table 1 – Fabric consumption * (Russian sizes 40-54, EU 34-48, USA 6-20)

Height, cm/foot Main fabric, with width 140 cm, m Comment
164 – 170/ 5457 1,20 Fabric consumption – one leggings length
Elastic tape width 50mm (1 3132’’), the length is the size of the waist

Threads for stitching and overlock – 3-4 bobbins.

*- An additional supply of materials (for cut accuracy) of not more than 20 cm is already included in the table indicators.


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