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Women’s A-silhouette blouse with voluminous shoulder flounces. The blouse has a front central fastener for 6-7 buttons/button holes along a stitched placket. The pattern has 3 model options. Option 1 and Option 2 have an average V-neck. The number of flounces for your choice. Option 3 – the neck with a round neckline is additionally stitched to the shoulder yoke. Рукава покроя реглан с верхним швом и притачной манжетой. Raglan sleeves have an upper seam and stitched cuff. The sleeve can be lengthened. In addition, any version of the blouse can be made without sleeves (see picture Option 3), there is the detail of the armscye facing in the pattern.

Sewing level: intermediate, all construction techniques are standard. Experience is necessary in making the fastener placket, facings of the neckline and armscye, processing cuts of flounces.

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Recommended fabrics: blouse and dress type of materials, WITHOUT elastane.  When sewing from poplin and cotton cambric, the flounces will be the most voluminous form. When sewing from silk/viscose, the flounces will be soft and flowing.

To sew a dress according to this pattern, it is necessary to increase the consumption of fabric by the distance from the level of your hips to the desired length of the dress + 0,30 m (12’’). To sew a model with long sleeves, it is necessary to increase consumption by 0,50 m (20”).

Table 1 – Fabric consumption * (Russian sizes 40-54, EU 34-48, USA 6-20)

Height, cm/foot Main fabric, with width 140 cm, m
Option 1

(3 flounces + sleeve)

Option 2

(1 flounce + sleeve)

Option 3

(3 flounces, without sleeves)

158 – 164/

5 22– 54

1,70(40/34/6) – 1,90(54/48/20) 1,40(40/34/6) – 1,70(54/48/20) 1,40(40/34/6) – 1,70(54/48/20)
170 – 176/

57– 59

1,90(40/34/6) – 2,10(54/48/20) 1,50(40/34/6) – 1,80(54/48/20) 1,50(40/34/6) – 1,80(54/48/20)
Fabric shrinkage is not taken into account! This are consumption parameters for already decated fabrics.

Small and medium flounces – about 0,50 m (20’’) in the cut, a sleeve with a cuff about 0,40 m (17’’).

Buttons, diameter 10-12 mm, 6-7 pcs.

Interfacing edge tape consumption 1m (39’’) – for the neckline.

Fusing fabric for interfacing (for plackets and yokes) – 70х90 cm (27’’x36’’).

Threads for stitching and overlock – 1-4 bobbins.

 * – The numbers mentioned in the table are for the extreme sizes in which this model is developed, when selecting materials for the intermediate size, be guided by the average value. An additional supply of materials (for cut accuracy) of not more than 20 cm is already included in the table indicators.


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