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Dress of an adjacent silhouette, high waisted, wrapped dress on a back side, below knee length a little. The dress front has a puckering under the chest, you can create pintucks. Dress back has a moderate neckline. The neckline facing is bias tape, which goes into a bow on the back. The dress armhole has a cuff.

Sewing level: it’s medium level of sewing, since delicate fabrics are suggested that complicate the treatment. Thus experience is necessary. Among complex operations there are cuts neckline treatment by bias binding, felled seams and lap seams, puckering, stitching of a belt and neckline.

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Recommended fabrics: dress materials, silk and viscose. The flowing type of the fabric is important – silk satin/satin, crepe, crepe de chine, cadi, staple, and other fabrics. It is also possible to make a dress from knit – cold viscose, plain knit, thin jersey. Cutting along the bias line is possible only in materials without elastane and with the same grain and weft thread! If the fabric contains elastane or different threads, then the details should be cut in the main direction (see patterns). Knit fabrics are also NOT cut in a bias line.

Table 1 – Fabric consumption * (Russian sizes 38-54, EU 32-48, USA 4-20)

Height, cm/foot Main fabric, with width 140 cm, m


Cut fabric along grain line Cut fabric along bias line
158 – 164/

5 22– 54

2,50 (40/34/6)

2,70 (46/40/12)

3,10 (54/48/20)

2,40 (40/34/6)

2,70 (46/40/12)

3,00 (54/48/20)

170 – 176/

57– 59

2,60 (40/34/6)

2,80 (46/40/12)

3,20 (54/48/20)

2,50 (40/34/6)

2,80 (46/40/12)

3,10 (54/48/20)

Any calculations of material consumption are very conditional since it all depends on your skill in saving fabric and on the acceptable deviation from the grain line of fabric. A slight turn of the part significantly reduces consumption. Everything is individual and depending on the type of fabric and your hands.

Fusing fabric for the belt – 20х150 cm.

Threads for stitching – 2 bobbins.

 * – The numbers mentioned in the table are for the extreme sizes in which this model is developed, when selecting materials for the intermediate size, be guided by the average value. An additional supply of materials (for cut accuracy) of not more than 20 cm is already included in the table indicators.


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