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We present you a women’s dress of an adjacent silhouette, length to the middle of the thigh. Front and back with vertical relief lines from the armhole. The sleeve is sew-in, volume, with a stitched cuff with buttons, with assembly/folds along the sleeve head and cuff.  The skirt about 30 cm wide and with an assembly. A collar is the collar stand. Invisible zipper on the middle seam of the back. In the center of the front, there is a decorative placket with buttons and air loops (it does not open). If you sewing from eyelet fabric or lace, then the front and back detail duplicated of lining completely.

In patterns set (as a separate file), there is a classic single-seam sleeve with the tuck for independent modeling. And it is very easy to increase the length of the dress, so the model can be a good basic dress for further modeling and design.

Sewing level: the model is complex, the experience is necessary.

The photo shows Zimmermann dresses as a source of inspiration.

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Recommended materials: cotton lace, silk lace, eyelet fabric, dress type of fabrics of medium density.

Table 1 – Fabric consumption* (Russian sizes 40-52, EU 34-46, USA 6-18)

Height, см/foot Main fabric lace/eyelet fabric with festooned along edges


with width 140 cm, m with width 110 cm, m
158 – 164/5 22– 54 2,30(40/34/6) – 2,40(48/42/14) – 2,50(52/46/18) 2,80(40/34/6) – 2,90(48/42/14) – 3,00(52/46/18)
170 – 176/ 57– 59 2,40(40/34/6) – 2,40(48/42/14)  – 2,60(52/46/18) 2,90(40/34/6) – 3,00(48/42/14) – 3,10(52/46/18)
Fabric consumption can be reduced by reducing the assembly coefficient of the skirt. This is especially good for very dense eyelet fabric, a decrease in the assembly coefficient, in this case, is a need.

For fabric without edge with festoon, the direction for the cut of details changes, but the fabric consumption remains in the indicated limits.

Buttons 8-10 mm diameter, quantity 24-40 pieces (as you wish).

Invisible zipper 50/55 cm length.

If the main fabric is lace/eyelet fabric, then you need a lining of 1,00 m.

Threads for stitching 2 pcs.

*- The numbers mentioned in the table are for the extreme sizes in which this model is developed, when selecting materials for the intermediate size, be guided by the average value. An additional supply of materials (for cut accuracy) of not more than 20 cm is already included in the table indicators.


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