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A dress of a tight silhouette with a mid-length skirt. It has vertical waist darts and bust darts coming from the side seam on the front detail. It has waist darts on the back. The skirt is a tapered one with a detachable flounce. The dress has a narrow set-in two-seam sleeve with a hidden tape-zipper at the bottom of the elbow seam. It is fastened in the middle seam of the back with an invisible zipper of 50-55 cm long. The dress can be sewn with or without lining, but lining patterns are presented in the set.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: easy with experience in mastering invisible zippers, neck facing, edge seam of the flounce. You can make your sewing easier by choosing a dress type without lining.

The adjustments for the dress are minimal (chest 50mm, waist 50mm, hips 30-60mm), since the dress has a tight silhouette.

Note fabric consumption. Since the dress can be made without a flounce or with a companion flounce, consumption is indicated for all three cuts.

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Recommended fabrics: any dress fabrics (wool, silk, viscose, polyester), crepes, satins, etc. It is also fine to use dense but not very elastic knitwear like a jersey. It is advisable to choose the lining material with elastane, since the model has a tight fit on the bodice part.

Table 1 – Fabric consumption * (Russian sizes 38-56, EU 34-50, USA 6-22)

Height, cm/foot Main fabric, width 140 cm, m Lining, with width 140 cm, m
A dress without a flounce A flounce A dress with a flounce
158 – 164/

5 22– 54

1,80 (38/32/4) – 2,30 (56/50/22)  

1,30 (38/32/4) – 1,50 (56/50/22)

2,80 (38/32/4) –

3,50 (56/50/22)

1,80 – 2,20


170 – 176/

57– 59

2,00 (38/32/4) – 2,50 (56/50/22) 3,00 (38/32/4) –

3,70 (56/50/22)

2,00 – 2,40
It is also required an invisible zipper of 50 cm long for the height of 158-164, and 55 cm long for the height of 170-176

An invisible sleeve zipper – 14 cm 2 pcs

Interfacing piece 30×90 cm,

Bias interfacing edge tape 2-3 m

4-6 thread bobbins for stitching and overlocking

 * – The numbers mentioned in the table are for the extreme sizes in which this model is developed, when selecting materials for the intermediate size, be guided by the average value. An additional supply of materials (for cut accuracy) of not more than 20 cm is already included in the table indicators.


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